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Definitely a holiday you'll not forget! I enjoyed your story and glad it all turned out well.
Wow - what a turn of events! This had me from beginning to the end. I felt it might be a true story...they are the best!

You did a good job with retelling of a memorable holiday...and I thank God it turned out well.Thank you for sharing.

God Bless~

Oh I loved this story. You did a wonderful job setting it up. I felt my heart drop when the little girl turned up missing.

The only thing I might suggest would be to save your exclamation points for dialog. The sentence The next day our ten-year-old daughter Ruth went missing! really stands on its own with the words doing the exclaiming. You did it again when George returned on foot. It's a tiny thing but if you use it, other than in dialog, it loses its emphasis.

There have been several Easter stories this week, but this is the first one with an octopus in it. It had me smiling and holding my breath. Very well done. The title is quite catchy too.
A good interesting story! Well done!
A typical Aussie camping trip, full of drama; the only three things missing were the sharks, the stone fish and the snakes. (Just joking)

Great opening, made me think, "What going on here?" and did the job of hooking me in.
This was a story, full of interesting happenings. I think I'd prefer a "calmer" holiday!