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This brought tears to my eyes. You painted such a bittersweet picture for me. My eldest is getting married soon and I worry about losing my little girl. Deep down I know it won't happen but your words touched my heart.

Tiny red ink -- When using words like Mommy and Grandma, capitalize them when they are being used as a name (lowercase if they have an my or the in front). Also, save exclamation points to show excitement in actual dialog. In narration, let the words you chose show your excitement.

Though several stories have been done about Easter, I still thought you took a fresh take on it. I can't imagine living so close to grandchildren and not seeing them on the holidays. But you showed the correct way to respond, with love and to rejoice in every minute you have together. Nicely done.

I personally have known the horrors of what alcohol can do to a family and this story touched my heart. What a wonderful opening to the beginning of hope in this family, which is just what Easter and the Resurrection gives us. Beautiful story.
This made my eyes glisten with tears. It was well written and pulled at my heartstrings. God Bless~
Now, that is enjoyable reading, with insight made easy. Saw the throws of your mind wrestling with the likes of cranberry sauce and alcoholism. The kind of needlepoint we all knit in ourselves, and take a lifetime to unwind, to understand the effects.

Well done, please keep writing.
This is very good.

A lot of people will be able to relate to this story. Every now and then a piece of writing appears that is not only well written but actually helpful.

So thank you, not just for writing this piece, but for the gentle way in which you conveyed it.

Keep writing.
Congratulations & God Bless~