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This is a very passionate article. I can tell you have strong feelings on this and want to share the love of Jesus with the world. It is sad that the world has commercialized Holy Days. It's funny because you don't see as much commercialization of other religion's Holy days. It shows the devil is hard at work in trying to fool the world into believing Easter is about bunnies.

With that said, I disagree that Easter is a holiday. The word literally means Holy Day and Jesus' Resurrection is the most holy of days. I think many people mourn on Good Friday and rejoice on Easter Sunday. While it is true that Jesus suffered a horrible death, he did it with the knowledge that he would suffer because he loves me that much! Amazing and what a reason to celebrate --the fact that Jesus loves me gives me immeasurable joy and thanksgiving.

I know you were making that point too. I also know of some people who don't celebrate Easter and Christmas because the days as known now were taken from pagan cultures. Even the name Easter itself is derived from a Pagan holiday. So I totally get that. I think that though it may be bunnies and bonnets for some, it gives us who know the truth a chance to tell others the true meaning behind the holiday. you did a wonderful job of doing just that.
Excellent job with expressing your love and displeasure at the "wrong intent/meanings" for celebrating the resurrection.

I was reading Shann's response, and agree totally, especially about the "pagan holiday."

The word in the orginal transcripts (in Greek & Hebrew) was Pascha and Pesach. Which means "Passover." And, Christ became our Passover. Our beautiful sacrificial unblemished lamb. There is no English translation for these words...and somehow it translated to the pagan word, Ishtar- Easter.

But...overall, a fabulous job of showing your devotion to Jesus Christ and your obvious frustration.

I posted on my website something very similar to your story last week, and also posted my article in faithwriter's on this subject too. So I completely appreciate your heart for Christ.

Good job. God Bless you~
This comments page could easily get hijacked into a discussion on pagan easter verses Passover. But I make that comment not to facilitate this, but rather to highlight the truth of the passion you have woven into your story.

Well done. One of my passions is that what we write should reveal truth about relationship with God. And you did that well.
I found this article interesting and very thought provoking, which I think was what the author wanted from it - thanks for the challenge!
I agree with you completely. Several years ago, I began to question my families traditional celebration of Christmas. It had become so secular, with little, if any, reference to the real meaning (Jesus' Birth). It seemed decorating trees, spending too much $$$ on gifts and Santa Claus were way to prevalent.

Needless and sad to say, my idea of scraping at least some of those activities, with more fitting traditions, were quickly shunned by the others in my family.

The celebration of Easter is no different. However, now that my children are older, it was easier to bypass the egg hunt, baskets and the bunny thing.

Each year I intend to systematically eliminate certain "traditions" from my families activities. Maybe by the time my life is over, I pray I will have succeeded in steering the next generations in my family toward the REAL meaning for the SEASON(s).

I'm glad you entered this, good for you. You wrote it well, and with passion! I enjoyed it very much.
This would make a very passionate Op Ed piece. Well-written. May I suggest a possible explanation for the bunnies and bonnets.? While it is easy to identify with Christmas -- who doesn't get excited over the birth of a baby -- the Easter holiday encompasses all 8 days, not just the resurrection day. The Holy Week activities that lead up to the wonderful Resurrection Day are very painful -- who likes to see the innocent suffer and be tortured to death. The realization that it all happened because of my sin -- well, it is just too hard so let's put some colorful fluff into the truth, shall we? I don't agree with the Bunnies an Bonnets thing; I just understand why they do it. In any case, you have articulated your feelings quite well and I agree with you.
Your heart's desire to celebrate Easter as a day to honor God came through clearly in this piece. That's my desire, too.
Congratulations for ranking 9th in level one!
Thank you, Laura, for your unequivocal demonstration that bunnies and bonnets are bogus, as substitutes for Easter's message and meaning.