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Your article points out the pain in people's lives well, and also points to the right help for the pain. It made me think, and that's good.
Excellent analogies; excellent words by which to live. I am impressed with your work; it causes the reader to think and this is good to make challenges. Good job!
Wow - this entry is packed with sentiments that will resonate long after the reader finishes the story!

Good job with metaphors, and explanations that will have the reader pause and reflect.

Great job. God Bless~
Emotional wheelchair presents an excellent picture for your comments.
There are so many great points to ponder in your piece, but I felt it was weak on structure. Thank you for bringing up the subject. In my opinion, it's a topic that needs to be more in the spotlight.
Nice job.

I would have reworked the beginning a bit... Starting out by telling your readers what you DON'T mean isn't a great hook.

There are some great reminders here. Good job.
This is a powerful message, and one I can relate to on so many levels. Those emotional wounds and injuries, if not healed, can be just as crippling as physical ones can be.

I love your message of hope and healing only found in God.

He has come to set us free; spiritually, emotionally and physically! Praise God!

I work with lots of high school kids that have been thrown these curve balls but who will use that for an excuse their entire lives. So, as you say, they will live in an emotional wheelchair. I love this analogy but it's also so sad. We try to help them learn to rise above their circumstances, and many times, they just don't get it. Great thoughts here.
This is a good thought. Our physical, mental and spiritual health are closely entwined. Angels are created beings, different from humans, I believe.
Very nicely done. Spot on the target for theme, compelling and thought provoking. Thanks you for a nice read.
An interesting article that certainly made me think. Well written and right on topic. Good job.
I love your analogy. Reminds me of Joni, who is handicapped yet freer than most of us in her service to the Lord.
The beginning sounded a little preachy, maybe you could be more creative at the very start to take away any defenses some might feel when reading.
Being thankful is such a need in this era. Thank you. Good work!
This is a lovely sermon. I could relate to it in many ways. I am disabled and have been unable to do much physically. I have also suffered abuse that no one can see the scars but God.

My main comments would be you don't need the disclaimers like the first sentence or to tell the reade that you're about to make a comment. Just state your views. Some may find this as a lecture tone about it. You can avoid that by changing the words you to one. Even better tell it from the first person. Instead of saying How do you overcome this you could say How did I overcome this? By relating it to a personal POV whether it be you or someone else say a friend this makes it easier for the reader to connect.

You made some outstanding points. I think many people will be able to relate to it personally or through someone close. I especially liked the ending and the definition of an angel. It is a great metaphor for your point of view.