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What a beautiful and poignant story. This was an excellent piece of writing...It held so many messages at once. The most important one being to "move forward" from our grief after a loved one passes, but never to forget our time with them, where it will stay in our hearts as treasures.

I loved how patient the wife was for eight years, and finally how her words, through GOD's wisdom and grace finally touched his heart.

Great job with this beautiful story. God Bless~
You did a wonderful job with the details on this piece. I could easily picture the characters and related to the husband. My mom died 18 years ago and I still mourn her. In fact, I wrote my story this week on the same subject except I wasn't able to submit it because of a fluke in the PC. Your message was clear and it is right on topic.
Ah...this was such a sweet piece about someone receiving sweet peace!

Good overall writing...I loved this couple with his tender heart and her ability to 'just know' that something was wrong with her dearly beloved husband.

Thanks for sharing!
Very moving story and I could so easily visualize this couple, "salt-of-the-earth" people. Nicely written and I enjoyed it very much.

Wing His Words!
Very good and descriptive piece of writing. I especially like how you described the chair as fitting him like a well-fit sweater.
Congratulations for ranking 9th in level one!