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Your descriptions were great. I felt like I was right with you. It's a surprise that this is true--wow, it is a mystery. I wish you knew the answer so you could tell what it is.
This was really interesting. I found myself hoping they'd lose that black car. I'm glad they did. Very well written take on this true story of yours.
This kept my heart beating and me guessing throughout! A robber? The FBI? Or, was it just somebodies sick idea of a joke? Oh, my!

Wow..and then when I found out it was a true story!!! Yikes!

Great job! Wow!
Wow - this pulled me in and kept me at the edge of my seat! It was well written, loved the edgy dialogue betweent he two. And I felt the suspense from way over here!

I am so glad you both remained safe, smart thinking on your hubby's part to outmanuever the "enemy." It was probably someone having fun, with nothing better to do.

Great entry. Wow. Still reeling from the intensity of finding out it was a true story!

God Bless,

You did a great job describing this story. I felt my heart pounding as the conflict grew. Then the fact that it is a true story makes it even more mysterious and suspenseful.
Wow again! This reminds me of an old Dennis Weaver movie of the seventies, I can't recall the name, in which an eighteen wheeler follows him all over the road, This is excellent in the telling and writing... Had me praying for you two.God Bless
This caught my attention quickly and kept me reading until the end. I'll go to bed soon and I think I'll be dreaming about the black vehicle, how scary that must have been.
Good job and right on topic. You did such a good job writing that some of the tags you use are unnecessary (like "she exclaimed"). We get 750 words so economy is important. Wonderful reading:)
An excellent story and very well told.

My only negative is that I don't get this bit, "but kept his concerns to himself so as not to worry Leslie." They are already both worried and he's already expressed his concerns. Just seemed a bit odd putting this bit in.

Other than that, an excellent job.

Thank you.
Way to Go Laura! Congrats!

Congratulations. God bless~
Well written and gripping. Congratulations on your 3rd place.