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This is a delightful essay on fame. You make so many valid points. As someone who is in the hospital often, I can't imagine a bunch of gawkers there.

The only red ink I might offer is to suggest you go back through to see how many times you used the word fame or famous. I think you might be surprised. Someone once challenged me to write the challenge without using the topic word at all or maybe only once. It really helped me expand my writing.

The ending is beautiful. That little poem really touched my heart. You also give the reader so much to think about. When I see someone highlighted on the gossip shows I wonder what their family is thinking. I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes there.
Simply brilliant. Great job. This says it ALL:

"...but I am known and loved and heard by the God Who made the Earth and every day holds all things together."

Nothing more to be said. Fantastic. Amen.

God bless~

Simply excellent, you praise God so beautifully, and yes, if we have God in our lives, there is no need for anything else. God Bless you and thank you for this.
This is quite a good article. You have a gift for writing which will grow with experience.