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Thank you for sharing this personal story. I admire the way you went to God for the answers and strength. My prayers and love go out to you both.

God bless you all~
You did an outstanding job on this one. You drew me in immediately and had me on the edge of my seat until the last word.

Be careful of switching POV. At the beginning we were able to peek into the wife's head with the phrase --cognizant of her obligation in the kitchen. Then later we get to see that the husband is thinking -- Bill cringed at the thought of wearing a bag on his rounded stomach for the rest of his life, but he knew he really had no choice. You just need to describe the other MC's feelings like how you would see it without peeking into his mind.

The fact that this is a true story makes it even better. I really liked that you wrote the prayer out. Many people may not know how to pray and you showed an excellent example. I think you did an outstanding job with this one.
The trouble with writing ultra-short entries is the limit on how much you can say in 750 words. The best way to strengthen your writing for the challenge is to focus in on one single moment in time, with a possible leap into another moment. Narratives are tricky because we often want to write more than we have room for. Try to narrow in on one scene - perhaps a discussion on the treatment options, and their risks and benefits. Focus on the difficulty of the decision, and the emotions of each as they weigh the options. It's okay to show both POV's if you stay outside the characters.

You have an important story to tell and it reads easily. Great entry. Keep writing!
This story held my attention from start-to-stop! Two words in particular grabbed me- "I'm scared." It reminded me of the passage where Peter walked on water, viewed the winds, and cried out to Jesus to save him.
Keep up the good work.

Wing His Words!
Thank you so much for a colon cancer survivor and ostomy patiet I know everything your husband went through, but isnt it a miracle we can survive this way? God Bless and Keep you both always and this was excellent writing!
Congratulations for placing 14th in level one!