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Some great reminders here.

Okay. A couple of "red ink" things. In general, don't mention the topic as being "the topic." Like don't start off with "When I think about [topic]..." And don't start out with dictionary definitions. Finally, if you have to explain how your entry fits the topic, you may be stretching things a bit too far on topic.

Overall, this was pretty good. Keep writing!
Honest heart-felt writing. A little hint - check out Jans tips in the Writers Forums about judges criteria concerning topics. A theme such as evangelism or "fulfilling the great commission" if chosen must have a VERY unique approach and interesting perspective to give the reader reason to tarry...
I found this very informative. Actually, I liked having the definitions and the way you used them in your article. I had not heard the description you had shared about the gift purchasing your way out of hell and the gift to get into Heaven. I hope I will remember this way of expressing a most important truth.
Salvaltion from Jesus is the greatest gift of all...until we are saved...we do not live. I liked this...God Bless
First, Laura, your description of a current affair really puts the reader in the now of the importance of soul-winning. It is such a profound reality, the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, yet you presented it in the simplicity that anyone can believe and receive this gift.
Thank you, also, for your comments on BELINDA. I wrote that three years ago and reading it brought back the vivid memories. Be blessed, Bella Rossiter