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What beauiful imagery! Safe in our Father's lap, enfolded in His arms. Amen.
I love the images - especially "breathing in His presence." This is comforting and reassuring. Nicely done!
Perfection. Bless you.
I agree with the others! This was a comforting poem offering such reassurance. Well written.
A beautiful entry. Written in anapesic dimeter, it follows and beats a rhythm nearly perfectly, the message is wonderfully presented. I hope the judges recognize great poetry.
blessings - dub
This is really neat. After reading, I thought of your title and how well that went with being snuggled in Father's care, and that would be such a heavenly bouquet. Really nice! God bless ya, littlelight
Your rhythm and rhyme are near perfect. Lovely.
This was so beautifully written. When are you moving to Intermediate to give us real Beginners a chance at placing??? :)Just kidding, but seriously, great job.
You've expressed my feelings exactly. Being in the Savior's presence is hard to describe because it is so awe inspiring. Thanks you for putting into words, what the heart experiences when it is touched by Him:)
Very comforting poem! A few lines seem to have sacrificed a little clarity for meter, but that's the balancing act of writing poetry. Good effort!
Wonderful imagery -reminds me of the times curled up in my earthly Dad's lap as a child. Sometimes we need reminded we can do that with our heavenly Dad, too :)
Written with love by one who has been there - in the comfort of his embrace. Beautiful.
This is a great poem, keep up the good work.
So beautiful - your talented craft shines! Just beautiful! :)
So beautifully perfect to touch the need in my life right now.

I'm going to run this off for my mom if you don't mind. (with all pertinate info, of course - and it would stay with her. Unless it's in a book already that I can purchase?)

Thank you so much my Laurie friend.
Oh, Laurie, yes - this is what I needed. And the Lord knows His creation needs Him. Thank you, dear friend!
Sounds like a great place for those of us who have suffered shattered and broken lives that God has to mend with the healing sauve of His presence. This is a great testimony to the goodness and provision of God. Thanks for sharing it, and well written too...In Christ, Randy Gene