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This is a creative way to introduce your message to the reader. Just about everyone can relate to how bacteria can have a huge impact, especially in the kitchen.

As a side note bacteria is plural while bacterium is the single version. Also yeast is technically in the fungus family. My biggest red ink would be to try to grab the reader's attention right away. It just may be my fuzzy brain but the first sentence confused me.

I did think you handled the topic in a creative and unique way. I also liked how the scriptures you used really backed up your message. How true that words can puff up and turn ugly. Like the bread in the yeast our intentions behind the words can make a huge difference. Good job.
Brilliant way of bringing foward not only the topic, but incredible truths that will resonate long after I finish reading this entry.

So clever! It was prolific in all aspects and meaning. Great job. Thank you.

God bless~
Very definitely a different approach to the entry theme. You tied it all together especially with the usage of the scripture you chose. I do have to admit; however, that your first few sentences did not hold my interest, but once I got into the body of the entry, I was with you. I like to write "outside the box" and I would say that you accomplished something I like to see in a writer. Good job.