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You relayed in this story some things I had never thought of; no matter how we are eating... overeating, not eating, eating too little, etc., it is not the way God would have us take care of the problem. You opened my eyes in that sense. This was a well-written and informative piece and I'm glad I read it. Nice writing!
This was an excellent entry in so many areas. I loved the honesty, the internal dialogue, and the way the MC came to asking the Lord for help.

He is the one and only who can help us through everything and anything...but we have to ask, and so a timely reminder of what faith and trust is, and where we should bring it.

I thought it was well written and moving. Powerful too. Thanks.

God bless~
It is so true that we cannot get to our goals without the hand of God upon us.
This entry was on topic.

Remember to proofread to catch typos. Although I often let spellcheck do my work for me I have learned to put the document aside for a few hours and then re-read it and typos tend to jump right out.

Good job!
I love that part about finally going to God about the problem. Isn't that human to seek Him last? Absolutely wonderful!
This is an inspirational message that many people can relate to. You did a nice job of covering the topic while delivering a message of hope.