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I really enjoyed this clever and profound message petaining to "Spiritual food" What a wonderful and important message to convey to all. It is so true!

This was well written and cleary on topic. I thought it was excellent.

Thank you. God Bless~
You've found a way to take a 'necessary evil' and 'busy-ness' creator in our lives - food shopping - and use it as a deep thinking, analogy-producing tool. Nicely done!
I really enjoyed your take on the topic. I think you did a nice job of describing the different types of food.

Some of your sentences were a bit awkward. like this one--
Thinking upon, and dreading the shopping trip she heard herself chuckle as she thought what a great time deal the shopping trip was when compared to all the other requirements of the food shopping experience.
I had to read it several times. A good trick is to ask someone to read your story aloud and if they stumble then you may want to restructure that sentence.

You did a nice job of writing on topic while making sure there was a bit of a conflict that was resolved by a poignant message. good job.
You've certainly tackled this topic in an interesting way. Shopping's only one part of whole grocery "ordeal." The other parts are putting away the food and preparing it.
Your title says it all. It is work to buy and fix groceries before you eat, but it is also work to "eat" spiritually. It takes discipline and determination, but it is so necessary, and so worth it. Thanks for this reminder. Good message on this topic.
Congrats...God bless