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Good message! I enjoyed your story and your scripture references...strong's concordance one of my favs!

Nicely done. God bless~
You definitely have some thought-provoking ideas in this essay. It's always good to see what others think and pray and ponder it for ourselves as well. Often the same scripture can mean different things to the same person at different points in their life. I have no doubt that is a sign that the Holy Spirit is at work. I did stumble a bit at the numbers after the word honey and wished you had described the meaning more for those of us who aren't Bible scholars. But you did a nice job asking some good questions and I imagine this story might be a great topic to take to the theological thread on the message boards. Good job.
This was a very thought-provoking entry; one that could be looked back upon to ponder further. Your reference to Strong's Concordance and the numbers you used should perhaps been done so with a little explanation, or just left out. I know what those numbers mean, but others may not and that could be a stumbling block for those who don't. That said, I still think you did a very good job of making this reader do some thinking about what you had to say. Nice writing!
Great practical applications of this little piece from Revelation.