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I enjoyed the way you tackled this piece. I could feel the MC's reluctance as she walked slowly around the kitchen.

You have a nice start of showing instead of telling but you could do even more. For example leave out taglines like she thought or he said. Instead use that spot to describe your character's emotions. Something like this may paint more of a picture. She trudged out to the backyard, shoulders slumping. "Why do people enjoy cookouts?" hopefully this shows you what I'm trying to say. You have a great start on it. I just want more. :)

I think the list idea is so creative. Not only does it make a great tool for moving the story along but it will also give the reader a way to change their attitude. The next time I'm dreading something I think I'll use your list idea. Another thing I liked is you didn't do a pro vs con list; instead you just focused on making a note of the positive! This is a great reminder for me. Well-done.
Very interesting and ingenious take on the topic. The list was "different" and worked! I thought this unique and creative and a sheer delift to read.

Thanks. God Bless~
Correction - LOL

That was supposed to read
"sheer delight" - the computer has a mind of its own at times!!!

God Bless~
You described the feelings of the character well so that the reader could identify with her. That is one of the main goals of writing fiction... good work.