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Sweet story with a beautiful message. Thank you.
God bless~
Life is funny in a lot of ways. You demonstrated this with several good examples. Your description of the dressed up lady was very good, but I think your point about the marriages was a little vague.
Some very good points you make here. Good story!

God bless.
This is a powerful story and I'm sure not easy to tell to a bunch of strangers. I admire your courage in sharing.

I think you'd be surprised if you counted the number of times you used the word funny. You can be on topic without using the topic word at all. Though I understand the feeling that people may not get it if you don't use the word. To that I say trust yourself. It was clear that you were talking about the funny--strange and not the ha-ha kind. You didn't need to repeat the word because you showed it was on topic with your well-written words.

I believe this story will really touch many hearts. Like you said there is a sad funny too and you definitely showed the reader that as well. You have a gift of storytelling and I'm honored to have read this piece. It speaks volumes. I especially enjoyed the childhood story. Keep writing.
Interesting story. What could have made it powerful would be shifting words around to avoid starting nearly every sentence with I.

Two of the best friends a writer can have are the Thesaurus and Dictionary. I encourage you to explore alternative words. This is where the teammates of Thesaurus and Dictionary intersect. What words you are unfamiliar with, find the definition.

As Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, "A mind, once stretched by a new idea never returns to its original state."

Keep up the writing. Glad you submitted this story. Your explanations for the various types of funny were great. Good, bad, happy, or sad, tyou're bound to find a funny.