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You make some wise and thought-provoking points in this piece. It is true that we will never get to Heaven on our good deeds but only through Jesus.

I stumbled a bit over some of the sentences and had to reread them. (One example was the last line in the first paragraph) If you ask someone to read your story out loud and you hear them stumble that's a good indication that you may want to restructure that line to something like this: Why do so few of our aspirations actually turn into our accomplishments? That may not be exactly what you meant but I hope it helps show you what I was trying to say.

You do a nice job of covering the accomplishments and pointing out to the reader exactly what one needs to do. I can feel the passion in your words and have no doubt that you want to spread the word of God to as many people as you can. This article will accomplish that, even if it only be one person it will still be a success. For if Jesus could only save one person, he still would go through the agony of dying on the cross to save that one person. That's a powerful statement of love and you do a nice job of showcasing that in this article.

WOnderful job...creative entry that I fully enjoyed.
Thanks. God bless~
Congrats! God bless~
Congratulations on your winning entry. Your advise is timeless.
A worthy win! Congrats. The journey to the Master level has started, you'll get there safely.