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Engrossing. Love this and love its message . . .
Excellent work here. You make us stop and think about what a splash is all about. This is concise, well written, and draws a word picture to which we can all relate.
This was a total delight and hauntingly beautiful in its simplicity, yet prolific in its meaning. Very poetic, and moving.

Thank you. God bless~
Totally love this. Very thought provoking. Good job!
This is a fascinating allegory. I really liked the way you used the repetition, it worked quite well. I struggle a bit with the words this is a condensed version of the New Testament as it could be misleading to new believers. I think if you had just started like something along this line it might have been closer to what you are trying to show: Much like a rock causes ripples, Jesus caused ripples when he began his ministry.It's a little thing, but might make a big difference to some. I do think you did a great job of incorporating the topic into your piece. You did draw me in right away with an air of mystery, standing at the edge of the dock. Your message is a great one and much like the rock dropped into the water will ripple outwards and touch more people than you can ever imagine. Keep writing, you have stories in you that only you can tell. Good job.