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You truly took me inside of Peter, making me feel the pain and joy in his personal relationship with Jesus. Thank you . . .
This is a well thought out and well written take on Simon Peter and all the splashes he made, learning from Jesus. He really was one to make a splash, wasn't he?
What a good choice of which disciple most likely to make a splash (or two or three or more). It was simply told, just like Peter would have told it and made an interesting, easy read. Thank you.
A moving account and an altogether touching and well written entry. Thank you.

God Bless~
I really enjoyed this take on Peter. It felt almost like the answers he would have given for a news conference today. I liked that conversational modern tone.

I have a few comments that you might want to consider the next time you write a story. You did a nice job of covering the topic, but at some points, you used the word splash and it felt a bit forced. If you check some of the previous winners, you'll see that sometimes a story can be spot on topic without ever using the topic word, or maybe just once. Since this was written in the first person, it doesn't feel right that the MC is speaking of his death--unless maybe he was in heaven. When you include a death you might want to consider using the third person.

You did a nice job of drawing me in right away. You have a subtle sense of humor that I really appreciated. I also thought the dialog was kept true to the Bible and felt natural (make sure you start a new paragraph each time a new person speaks) I thought the ending brought the story full circle. I think you have a knack for retelling Bible stories. Keep on writing, I look forward to reading more of your stories. Nice job.