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This article broke my heart. As much as we as we tell ourselves, (and others) "We should live to please God, not man", it is human nature to seek the approval of those we care about. If this story is true, I am praying that the Holy Spirit breaks through this attitude of defeat and that brings encouragement.
We were created to glorify God. Not ourselves, not our parents, or spouses, or bosses. They cannot define our value. We are valuable because God created us. What we decide to with His creation is our thankful response and gift to Him in return.
I wish the MC would have gone on to make his big splash in the competition.
This article really expresses how we can let the discouragement of others can steal our dreams, our excitement, and our joy.
This story was powerful as it pulled on the heartstrings, and it was emotionally jarring, especially the sobering ending.

Not all stories have happy endings, so this was realistic in its take, almost having an authentic tone.

Through Christ, we can do all things, and if this is based on a true story,I pray that the Lord will bring you His peace, and His light.

God bless~
You have made me crawl into my husband's heart and truly feel the pain of a child never receiving affirmation or affection from his tfather. He only heard that he would never finish anything, never amount to anything, Today my hubby is a wonderful lover of our Lord and Savior. He receives loving encouragement from His true Father.