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Well written and compelling devotional. Good job:)
Good eyes and ears on the people around us.

"Expecting" the promises without accepting the commands causes trouble.

Nice work.
Good dose of reality here, and a wonderful list of the sure things we can expect, whatever happens. Very nice entry!
You create a very intense piece with truths and thoughts to reflect. This was well done and well written, and it came straight from your heart...inspired by God!

Loved the last line, it sums it up nicely.

God bless~
This is an interesting mini-sermon. You make some excellent points and I like the way you backed them up with the Scriptures. They were a great match.

I did notice some tiny errors like the punctuation should go inside of the quotation marks, your series of questions could have been all contained together, and it should be we Christians face not us Christians. An easy way to test is take out the extra word. You wouldn't say: many questions us face.

Overall, I think you did a nice job of communicating your message. I can feel the passion in your words and the desire to help others understand what you know in your heart. I have no doubt God will use your words to touch many hearts.
Congratulations on ranking 7 in level 1!! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.)