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Well done. It made me excited just to think how glorious it will be!
You did a fine job painting a beautiful picture.
Oh how we long for that day! Beautiful! Gave me goosebumps. A beautiful picture.
You did indeed paint a glorious picture. Oh how I wish that day was today! But, "soon and very soon"...
A beautiful poem! I got "an urgent feeling" by just reading this. :D Thank you.
A real joy to read! Thrilling topic! The image of the 'leaden feet' and why they didn't 'lift off' is very creative too! Wonderful poem!
Really enjoyed the picture you painted and the way the rhythm contributed to the sense of urgency. Well done.
Absolutely loved this! Wonderful, well-crafted poem, flowed smoothly...this piece connected with my heart today. Thanks for posting!
Blessings, Lynda
WOW! I'm glad you were lead to write the poem! wonderful!
You paint a thrilling picture of that day! You might try varying the meter between verses to add interest. Good job!
Wow. Well-crafted poem with a wonderful message.
What an inspiring poem. Capturing the fear of one who wanted to go to heaven but thought they were not going--how real. But if we love and serve Him, he will return for us and our bodies will be made beautiful and pure for all eternity! I loved this poem. The words flowed so effortlessly and lovingly:)
I too loved how you made the feet feel earthbound. Made me wonder where you were headed for a moment. Beautiful job!
Yes, a lovely moment of tension and then you were up, up and away. Very well done. Yeggy
Great job! You made me see Jesus in the clouds, feel your concern when you didn't rise immediately, your joy in his presence. This motivated me to praise Him now. Thanks!

Ill never cease to love You,
Oh, Holy God and King,
Your beauty lights up heaven,
Your praise Ill ever sing. Oh, this is so Beautiful Cassie, and one I would have picked to be a Winner.
Such Blessings. Praise God! Jesus is Beautiful. Thank You. Blessing. Helen