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Very well done. You said it so well. I have friends and family who have eating disorders and what you speak of in poem form is right on. The Lord sees each as beautiful no exceptions! Thanks for sharing.
This is precious. And I hope you submit this to other publications. It's deserving to be read by others and I feel God will use this to begin their healing. A very special poem!
This is really well-done. Your rhythm is great and the whole poem flows nicely. My only suggestion would be to add an extra space where you switch to Christ's point of view. Great job!
A beautiful poem with an even more beautiful message. Keep writing.
Wonderful truth. I think there's a ministry here? Good job!
Wonderful, Laurie! So real, so beautiful, and such a needed voice speaking for those suffering in the distress of eating disorders.
Oh my! This was so good and with such a timely message. I felt the last line of 3rd stanza interrupted the rhythm but that could just be me. The rest was excellent. Well done.
A nice look inside a troubled mind. Careful of meter. I liked how you ended this. Good effort!
Self image is so important and it is the one thing that this society is most critical of besides poverty. Woman undereat and overeat because they lack the vision to see the true beauty in themselves.You are right, only God can lift the heavy yoke from their necks and free them to be who they are in Jesus Christ! Thanks for sharing:)
Particularly like this line: 'To others offers only grace,/But to herself is so unkind.' Too easy to be too hard on ourselves in any area of our life. Ooop that'd be me! Thanks. Yeggy
Loved this! You said it all...didn't leave anything out. An honest, but hopeful, look into a troubled human heart. Great job!! :-)
A great message about a tough lesson to learn.
I loved the line "Her greatest worth is in her size." Unfortunately women do base so much of their self worth on their appearance. It can have devastating effects on their lives. You did a terrific job portraying the inner struggle. I'm sure many people, men included will be able to identify with this. Great job, again!
To know in God's eyes, I'm Beautiful... so hard to grasp, yet so essential to bask in such love. Congratulations, Laurie, on your win. You've captured wonderfully the struggle we have, to let go of control, to rejoice simply in being the Beloveds.
Congratulations on your win this week. Well deserved! Kudos!
“Reject the lies, embrace the truth
And let yourself through My eyes see.
You’ll get a glimpse, My precious one
How beautiful you are to Me.”
Wells deserve first Place Win. This is a Beautiful message with a Great Title. Thank you for sharing
Laurie. Blessing, Helen
Well deserved, Laurie.
A heart-warmer!
Laurie, I'm just re-reading the winning entries now as I go through and do the minor editing for the next FaithWriters' Anthology.

This poem touched my heart so much. Believe it or not, I've been there too. It was the darkest time in my life, but God brought me through - by His grace.

I'm so glad that this poem is going into the anthology. It is the perfect addition.

Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator and Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine)
I thought this was an awesome and lovely piece of work, that has great format and flow and wonderful rhymes. It was a true joy to read. God bless.

Tony Rowsey aka seekye