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Absolutely lovely.
Very neat, good rythem, and rhyme. Good application too, how God warms us. God bless ya, littlelight
I've been reading many submissions of my co-writers today, and nothing has gripped me, blown me away or touched me as much as this poem! Perhaps it is because I see myself...been there/done that...and had that icy heart. It is truly Beautiful! Too bad I'm not a judge...(smile).
Particularly liked the third stanza - excellent observation on the nature of human bitterness. This flowed extremely well and I liked that you left us with hope for the womans heart/soul healing. God bless.
This is an absolutely beautiful poem. Gives a great explanation of how the Holy Spirit heals even the hard hearted when saints pray an we let go.
Women who have been deeply wounded would understand this poem to the last word! Stanza 3 was one of my favorites because it describes so perfectly. Thank the Lord for sisters-in-Christ like those in Stanzas 4-5! That's the key: with love and understanding take time to hold the wounded one up in prayer. Stanza 7 was so hope-filled; healing begins one droplet of thawed bitterness at a time. This resonated with me because until fairly recently I was the wounded one who had one sister-in-Christ who was faithful to help me through.
Wonderful poem, capturing the bitterness that makes some people so unresponsive. Wonderful too how prayer can do so much and how God works through people to bring about change for the good of someone in need.
Very nice! something to think about...
*big sigh* Beautiful from beginning to end. Paralyzing depression, touched by His Love and Patience. One moment at a time. One touch at a time. Beautiful.
How did you know how I used to be? If God hadn't rescued me and given me caring family to pray, my heart would still be hard. Thank you for this poem. It reminds me of where I used to be and how far I've come in Jesus name!
“He longs to soothe and mend her soul,
To break through frosty, wintry glaze
Until each hurt evaporates.
Ignites His fiery, healing blaze.”
Excellent. Thanks for sharing. Helen

Oh, Laurie, this is so entrancing. You've captured the icy winter in a woman's heart, yet woven your poem in such a lyrically, gentle way. Powerful and lovely all at the same time!
This was very well written. I like the fact that you didn't name what had hurt her. That allows the reader to fill in the blank with whatever helps them relate to her pain. Great job!
A thorough commentary on the effects of PAIN in human life...and the effects of the Spirit's intercession! I agree, this lends itself to interpretation by a wide audience. Very involving, very well done! :-)
Very descriptive, great analogies, and well done with the poetry!
Really connected with this, Laurie. It's so easy to become bitter and so hard to love those who are bitter. Thank you for looking into your heart and finding the possibilities and the cure. Yeggy
Thanks for sending me this link, Laurie! Look for this poem to be Showcased on the week of January 14, 2007.
Laurie, this was so good! How exciting to be showcased on the home page. Congratulations dear friend.
Wonderful poem. So true. I like how you showed that the thawing begins slowly, with just one drop.
Wonderful! You have a gift!:)
Awesome Laurie - this is so beautiful!
Excellent poem! Very well expressed! Keep on writing!
An absolutely delightful piece. Extremely enjoyable, and speaks to the core of hidden matters with the soul. You are a gifted writer, be continuously blessed as you pen the turmoils in one's soul and express the soothing redemptive healing that takes place when they are touched by the 'Master'. I LOVE IT!! Joyce
From one who has experienced such bitterness due to a wounded soul...My guess she is a victim of some terrible trauma from her past, probably Childhood abuse. Souls can heal when we trust and have hope in the LORD... Keep praying and when he is ready and has finished his work, the soul will heal and lead you on to a most beautiful place. Safe Hugs, Patty