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Oh, how well I can relate to your story (the first half at least!). Aside from that connection, you've done a great job putting a lot of years and a lot of experiences into 750 words.
Thank you for sharing this. The entire world, wherever we are is a mission field. Even in our own backyard. It is so awesome to watch God work, taking us feeble people and accomplishing His will through our submission and willingness.

And God is never finished growing us, even though we be a missionary, pastor or lead a bible study. Keep on writing!
What a great testimony piece - Thanks for sharing what God has been doing in your life. I hope he gives you many opportunities to share with others. Your story is sure to touch the hearts of many.
This is a beautiful autobiography. It's also a lovely missionary story and an awesome testimony.

However, I didn't get the focus on the topic. I wasn't sure if the "Endless" was in regards to God's grace or faithfulness, love of the Persiana, your serving the Lord in Iran, the choices at Walmart.....

In the future, choose a main point or focu and work on developing it. I'm happy for your blessings. Keep writing.
What an exciting life! Your title says it all.

I'm not sure if your opening sentence was written intentionally, there was a formatting problem. However, consider adding appropriate commas.

Also consider leaving out names of people for whom the reader cannot relate. or the person has no prior reference or identification in the story.

Ex: "Overwhelmed, I told Jeanie I had finished shopping."

Instead of "Jeanie" consider replacing with "shopping buddy," or a "friend with whom I had gone shopping."

You had a solid ending that reinforced the title.

"...,or there was a formatting problem."

"...relate, or

"Instead of Jeannie,..."

LOL. I'm using a new laptop for the first time. Commas and periods look alike. Sorry for the comment re-writes.
What an inspiration your life has been! Your selfless dedication to the Lord leaves me in awe. I'll leave the constructive criticism to the pros on this, but I found this to be an enlightening and powerful testimony as to the way God has worked in your life as you worked for Him.

You described endless in different ways, I don't see a problem with that.

Blessings, Lynn
Your love and appreciation for God are so strong. What an inspiration you are . . .
I really enjoyed reading your story.

Praise God for the mission work you and your husband are doing.

Thank you for your service to the Kingdom!

The focus on the topic was a little blurry, but overall nicely written.
Congratulations for ranking second in your level and 25 overall! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.)
Hi Trudy,

I tired to email you this in response to the PM you sent me but the email address came back as a permanent failure so I hope to you don't mind but I will post it here:

The best advice I can give is to write your story in a Word document and then use the spell and grammar checker. Read, read and read some more before finally submitting.

I can't tell you how many countless times I've reread material I've written and found each time I had either left out a comma or did not quote a sentence that should have been quoted or my wording could have been rearranged. I've oftentimes found words that needed to be eliminated all together.

Another great thing to do is to read carefully, paying close attention to detail, other professional writer's work. For instance, in FW's Writing Challenge, read several of the level 4 entries and watch closely their punctuation, grammar, paragraph breaks and so on.

This will help you be more aware of your own attention to detail. Also you can check out the forums where you will find Jan's Writing Basics and Ann's Grammar Basics.

FW's is an awesome place to be. To me, it feels like everyone is one big happy family of Christian writers working together to help each other out with their gift of writing to bring glory and honor to the Lord!


I just proofread this email I am sending you and found 5 mistakes that needed correcting! Yikes! Proof we must proof, proof, proofread everything we write!

God bless you Trudy and may the Lord grow your writing talent!


I just proofread the P.S. and found three more mistakes!

In Him,

Wendy B McLain
The King's Tranz4md Scribe

"And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed..." Romans 12:2
I received a PM from Trudy Newell about her entry 'One Blessing After Another" and attempted to send back an email and it was rejected for the following reason: Permanent Failure.

Then I found this author and title and copy pasted my response and come to find out this story has nothing to do with the one emailed to me.

I don't know what happened but it doesn't feel right to me.

Could this have been a hack attempt?

I will be changing my password post haste.
Hi Wendy and all --

Not sure what happened. But I did post Wendy a message, and don't know why it came back.

There shouldn't be a problem with my email - so....