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I really enjoyed this story with a meaningful devotional tied in. Great job! P.S. Did you mean to say you moved to George in the beginning of the piece?
This is excellent material and covers the topic well. Your message too, came through clearly. You have a wonderful gift for writing.

That said, I hope to see you continue to grow as a writer and hone these skills. One thing we talk about a lot is showing us the story instead of telling the story.

For example, when the king-size bed and all the other unexpected things were seen, would have been a great place to describe the surprize and elation on faces and body postures. (eyes bulge, a hand clamps over a mouth, a mouth gapes open in shock, etc.)Rather than telling it was surprizing, show it.

I sometimes still struggle with this myself, but it comes with practice. I am eagerly anticipating your next entry!

Keep up the good work.
Loved it! Excellent job with the topic at hand, and one of my favorite pieces of scripture--Proverbs 3:5-6--so it made it even better for me.

Nicely done!

God Bless~
A delightful testimony. Thanks for sharing these words of encouragement.
Very nice writing for Level 1! Other than a few mis-spelled words (George for Georgia and boarder for border) I thought your story was delightful!

It's always a great idea to use a spell checker and really scrutinize your writing before submitting it!

Thanks for sharing!
A very interesting story. I like how you started with a "close-up" of a not-so-simple project, gave the background, and wove in the entire faith aspect. Excellent work.
Thanks for all your helpful comments.

Wendy, I apologize again for the mix up. I'm embarrassed - and mentioned the wrong article. However, your thoughts were very helpful. I trust they will help me to grow as a writer.

God bless~