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I love this story which I assume is a true one. God bless you for having survived all that with your hope and faith in God in tact and so radiant and strong! Keep telling your stories.
Your story is a breath of fresh air and a testament to God and His grace. Thank you for sharing with us, and I'm so glad you survived the "tough times" which helped carve out who you are today.

God bless~
A fitting title to set the stage for a joyful testimony of blessings overcoming adversity. Well done.
What a wonderful testimony and reminder of God's faithfulness. Thank you!
Great story! Love your opening hook. You have a tremendous talent and I'm certain you will not remain in the beginner's section for long. I'm seated in your cheering section!

Keep writing!
What a great attitude you have taught your children! (I'm assuming this is a true story.)

You hooked the reader with your first paragraph and continued to keep the interest throughout. As you practice writing, you will see how you can "tighten" it. Try not to repeat a word too often: such as "snake in the 4th paragraph.
There are a few grammatical errors, but a critique buddy would be able to help you eliminate most of those.

I found that making each word, each sentence, and each paragraph earn its right to be there was the best lesson I learned in writing. Eliminate anything that takes up extra space.

Keep it up.
Wow - what a story. Great writing with wonderful graphic descriptions and some superb life lessons. Really good.
Wow, what a life. Well written though a few paragraph spacings wouldn't hurt. You have a gift in writing which is for sure.
You grabbed and held my attention throughout this snake story. The next to last paragraph, I believe it is, needs to be shorter. Maybe you could separate it. It just makes it easier to read. I will leave the rest to the professionals, but I think this is an awesome write.

Keep writing. You definitely have a talent for it. Blessings...
This was a really good story. I clicked here from the forum on the brick throwing thread.

I read your appreciation for those who are red inking your entries and giving you helpful feedback and just wanted to share (if you don't know) the other threads in the forum óJan's Writing Basics and Ann's Grammar Basics.

I have need to get in their too and learn what I can. I've read some of the posts and that's why I'm sharing. There is a wealth of info to learn from these wonderful ladies who take the time to help us here at FaithWriters.

God bless~
Your story is not only interesting but encouraging.