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Oh my goodness, this story gripped my heart. Thank you for sharing with us this personal reflection and wonderful testimony to a loving mother and the journey of her children and life overall.

Powerfully moving. Excellent job with your writing.

God bless~
Thank you for sharing this story with us - hard to understand the sufferings in this world, but in the end Christ rules over all. God bless your faith and family.
Powerful material and a good entry. I Hope to read more of your work in the future.
Wow. What an awesome true story. You told it well and with great sensitivity.

You will do well in these challenge contests, me thinks.

Very well done!
A powerful story well told.
Such heart! What a majestic story. If this doesn't get an Editor's Choice, I will question the hearts of the judges. I love our judges, so I better see this with an EC!

Methinks you will find yourself quite soon in the Advanced slot ...
What a teary eyed sad story yet you wrote it very well. Good descriptive words and flow.

Keep up the writing. You are talented.
You have a gift for words with your wonderful descriptions in this story. "Their eyes searching a blurred world." I love it. I do have to admit that I became confused as I read on. "My wife was five at the time, David, three. The story,to me, was a bit unclear in its' telling. I also noticed a misspelling so, spell check is suggested. I hope this helps. Keep up the work. This story has great potential.
God bless you with your gift.
It took me a while to get the different people connected correctly.

This seemed to have more material than the word limit allowed.This could be enlarged to a "life story".

The emotion was felt, not only for those traveling but those now not living.

It would be well to enlarge on this as an outline and write the full detailed story while memory and emotion is sharp.

Painful story but could be helpful to others in similar sitations.
Congratulations on ranking 6 in your level. (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.)
The title grabbed my attention. The story seared my heart. I imagine this is part of why your wife is so special. Reading between the lines of this story made me long to know your family. Love in the bleakest of situations. Well done.