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Your story was so difficult to read because of what you had to endure at the hands of your brother and friends. Thank God for you sister and her compassion to bring you out of the depths of despair. Your connection with your kind sister, and your loving relationship with Jesus helped you through it all.

Your story, albeit sobering and highly disturbing, was well done in both deliver and content.

Your sister lives on in heaven where you shall meet her again one day.

God bless you~
A compelling and riveting testimony - thanks for sharing it and showing us how Christ stepped in to give you hope through the love, prayers and witness of your sister. I too have a family member that was bullied by an older sibling. Very well written. Only two small spelling errors were spotted in last paragraph. May God continue to bless your writing and witness.
Wow, how bold you are to write this real life incident. It will be liberating for others to read. I am so glad your sister revealed to you the truth of Jesus love. Now to make her life count, you need to continue to hold up the light so men will not die in vain, but die like your loved ones "with the hope that lies within them". God bless you for your courage.
Bullying is an age old sign of not loving someone.

Good life story.

When we are baptized for the forgiveness of our sin, we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit who can comfort and lead us in God's way.

Keep your heart in heaven and your eyes in His word as you continue to write.
The Lord will bless you for sharing this. Wow. I am so sorry for what you had to go through.

You told the story well. In terms of "red ink" comments, you don't need a comma after Elizabeth Elliot, and you would want to use "knew" instead of "new" in the last paragraph.

Keep writing. You have talent.
Nice job on this very personal story. I am always surprised (not sure why) at how mean some people can be to others. I was hoping to read that your brother, at some point, came to know Jesus.

When you mentioned Elizabeth Elliot, I went back to see if I missed her introduction earlier. Since there is no other mention of her, I think a little more introduction is needed before using her name. Just my opinion.

This must have been a hard one to write, but it will be helpful (and hopeful) for others who suffer similar abuses. Thanks for sharing.

Congratulations Phillip!

I'm so glad your powerful testimony and well written story got recognition. It definitely scored high on everyone's heart, I can testify to that!

Amazing story and you are a very strong Christ who strengthens us all! Amen

God bless~