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Great opening sentence. You are a strong story-teller with believable characters and strong dialogue. Good job thinking outside the box...this was unique.
Fresh innovative approach to the topic in content, delivery, and wrap-up! Clever adn well done!

God bless~
Good writing. The story drew me in and held my attention well.

My only red ink would be that it needs a more satisfying ending. I felt like I was left hanging, not knowing and guessing who the man was or where he'd come from.

I really liked the preacher's detective work. Keep it up, you do have talent.
A mysterious, unmoving, feverish man on the front pew of any church would turn a few heads. And, it's a unique way to draw the reader into your story. You made me curious who has was and what he was about. Very well done!
I like the subtle hint of the topic. Interesting story, keep writing.
This story had an interesting time setting for the thought of "googling" to be thought about.

I thought you did a good job without using the word.

It seemed to flow smoothly keep up the good work.
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