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The "berry / merry" couplet seemed a bit forced, but all in all this is a charming poem that uses the theme beautifully.
Thank were right. I really wanted to put in.."spectacular as I tarry."
But you know how hard it is to see something you want to correct--and can't (LOL) Gives ya that itchy feeling..(HEHE) Love in Christ, littlelight
I thought there might be an un-needed word in a couple of places, but the flow was very smooth. Very enjoyable. Keep them coming. Nan
Beautiful winning poem to me. Blessing, Helen
Oh your entry, “WINTER'S INTERLUDE” is so Beautiful; Will be such a glowing Touch played with the sound of Christmas music at Christmas time. I had not read all the other entries, but Your sounds like a winner too me. May God Bless you in winning on “WINTER’S INTERLUDE”
My entry doesn’t stand a chance at all against your poem “WINTER'S INTERLUD,” and a few others I read. I am so Blessed in sharing in with winners and just Enjoying reading some of the many the entries.
Thank you, A littlelight you are.
Blessing, Helen
Sis.Helen, in Christ Jesus we are all winners. I would put a smile on here if I could, for everyone at faithwriters shine for Jesus. God bless ya, Happy Holidays! littlelight
Oh Nina, you are so right; I agree, we all at FaithWriters are all winners. Sorry, I get so carried away on the beauty of the flow of words so beautiful pen on the page. You got to admit, this is a Beautifully written one. Top list or not, a Winner it is for me for it elegantly touch my heart. Thank you little light I will work on that. “I would put a smile on here if I could, for everyone at faithwriters shine for Jesus.” I like that; :) you shine so beautifully for Jesus Nina
God Bless you, Happy Holidays! littlelight. Helen