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I love this well-written story. It has an unexpected turn and brings a good message. I would have stopped earlier though, right after “Court is adjourned.” The shock is maximum there and the last paragraph doesn’t add to the story. In my opinion, it even makes the main character less credible, because it left me with the question “Why has she been so arrogant, knowing that her boyfriend already killed two people while making the same mistake?”
I thought this was a spectacular read, well organized, thought out, and well delivered. I actually saw the entire scene in my mind's eye, unfolding with each word.

Great twist at the end, excellent work here! And completely on topic. I really loved it.

Great tale, you have a gift spinning a good yarn. Keep it up.

God bless~
This is a great story. I agree with the comment to leave out the last paragraph to maintain a maximum climactic ending. Keep writing!
I liked your turn-a-bout ending.

This is a story we should learn - learn from other's mistakes.

A few more descriptive words of the woman as she got out of her car could have been given to show her spirit (not humble).
This had the ring of a tall tale - in a good way. I could see this being told around a campfire with all of the voices. It has that real but stretched quality that is often hard to balance. You balanced it very well. Great job!