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Very well done. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Cute way of nipping the gossip mill in the bud.
Hahahaha. This was a fun story to read with a good message that didn't pulverize or preach, it was really cute.

Well done.

God bless~
Cute story but it could just as well been real.

One thing to note, gossip is not just a sin for the teen ager. We can all be tempted and fall if we don't watch ourselves carefully.

I thought you did an excellent job with the topic and the story you told.
This is cute!

There were a few instances where the words didn't come across as natural. For example, would the dad really just sit there and "preach" at them, or would he try to make it a more natural part of the conversation, allowing them to interact and ask questions.

"You know what that smell is? That's the smell of gossip."

My daughter rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Dad. That's just the old paper mill."

"Yeah, but that paper mill is just like gossip."

Maybe something like that.

There are some great reminders here, though, and I like the comparison.
Wonderfully entertaining while delivering a great message. You did a fantastic job with this one.
Congrats on placing and your EC!

God bless~
This was a really good story, with a really good message. Sometimes we forget that Jesus condemned gossiping in the strongest of ways. We have to understand that injuring another person is wrong, no matter how we do it.

Thanks for a great lesson!
What a perfectly stinky way of getting a very pungent point across. Eeeeeew is right! You nailed the nastiness of gossip head on. Funny too. Loved it! Congratulations!
This was a fabulously entertaining piece and creative way to approach the topic.

It's one of my favorites because your MC used such clever methodology to reach the girls.

Seemed like it might be a chapter from your life.

Congratulations on placing in the EC! Well done.