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I would like to let folks know a bit more about the Christmas truce of 1914. This event actually took place during the first year of WWI. I listed it as fiction in that my story-line was that of fictitious characters in a real life event. 750 words is just not enough to give this story justice. You can do a search for this event in order to find out the facts.
The Lord has led me in the direction to write about fiction and non-fiction events about how the Lord can use the lowest Private to the 4-Star General to carry out his work. We should never forget the price that has been paid for our freedom. Men and women still are paying this price everyday.
Wow - This gave me chills!

The peace of the Lord prevailed even during "the war" all coming together for the blessed event.

Robert, you've done a fine job depicting the emotions and allowing the reader to visualize each detail. Your research and dedication to bringing these stories to life, shows in every word.

You really are led by the Spirit honoring our military, well done!

Keep shining His light my friend,

God bless~
A wonderful story with such a tender moment even in wartime.

This should touch the heart of anyone who reads it.

Great job my dear friend!!
A very unique and clever take on the topic. This is well written and descriptive and takes us straight to the battlefield of WWI.

Your style of writing is sincere and entertaining. I love the two enemies coming together to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Excellent writing.
Countries may make war but those with a common thought (bond) can be at peace with each other.

You put the theme to good use in your writing.

Keep it up.
Great job of depicting the horrors of war. Jesus said, "Love your enemies." Doesn't it make you wonder how we can love them and then take a gun and blow their head off? What if he was a christian. Wow a lot to think about. Only Jesus will be able to bring peace on earth.

You have a wonderful gift of writing. Keep up the good work.
Hello again my friend, you have done a fine job of presenting a moving account of this historical event. Though I'm familiar with this truce, you made it fresh.

I was wondering though, if you might consider writing a piece in the language of today's young soldier. I always appreciate your style of story telling, but thought you might appeal to a larger audience if you were to try writing from the perspective of a 2014 soldier, perhaps him retelling this event to his squad members who are facing a dangerous mission (just a thought).

Continue the great work. You are a good military historian, and I can picture your stories appearing in veteran magazines. Your fans love you and your work. Keep on growing in your writing skills, and keep on posting!