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Your entry is interesting and covers the topic well.

I like the way you use your story and the Bible to make your point about familiarity.

Good writing. Keep it up.
Interesting story, appropriate concluding application.

Well written and easy to read.

Life stories are alway a welcome read.
Great message wrapped into a wonderful entry!

Loved the wrap up...well done.

God bless~
Thanks for your story, many will benefit from its message.

A few,hopefully, helpful suggestions.

I wasn't sure if the topic was hit dead center. It seemed to veer more to a cycle of things than to the right and to the left. Maybe I missed it.

The opening needed a real hook to get everyone on board.

The body of the work was full of good advice and nicely done.

Keep on writing

God bless
"...when we let the bad things in our lives be our “landmarks” we’re going to end up more lost than we ever intended to be."

So true.

Interesting take, though more "right and wrong" rather than "left and right." Perhaps a description of the journey, left at the brick church, right at the bakery, for example, and how those actions turned out to be incorrect or not, would have clarified the topic.

Your entry serves as a good reminder for us all.