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Masterful job of capturing this woman's wounded heart. Well done!
Wow, this was so well much meaning in it. Well done and thank you.
Very well done, full of meaning. Thank you.
Really nice, touching. It was a pleasure to read. God works in mysterious ways. God bless ya, littlelight
This is a GREAT story. You held my attention all the way through. Your character development was really good. And your message came across loud and clear (without being "preachy"). Great job!
Yours was one of my top picks this week. Kudos!
Yes, you held my attention all the way through to the end, too! I really enjoyed it!
Good job Cassie! And a great story!
He does work in mysterious ways! God doesn't want anyone to be alone. Great story!
A very appropriate title for this piece -well done.
I really enjoyed this. Great story and well written. Well done.
Good draw with the first paragraph; the reader begins to wonder why Esther's heart is rigid and why she is so determined to have such privacy. Esther is so bitter, and you use just the right words to show the bitterness. As in "Nevertheless she kept busy, spending a great deal of time pushing… always pushing memories away. Not wanting to think of the bad, not deserving the good." At thisa point, I wanted to find out what the bad and the good memories were that she was burying. I read on. Nice turnaround at the end. But I really wanted a little more than one sentence about that really bad memory that began her isolation. That memory needed a little development since it was integral to the reason for the vines. Then at the end to have someone comment that the vines, and probably the stuff that had grown up within her, needed a major pruning. Now at least both were ready for that. Very enjoyable.
Congratulations on your commendable mention. I'm glad to see that the judges and I agreed. Kudos!
Vivid description left me wanting to visit both the garden and the woman. If only the vines planted by woundedness always reaped so rich a harvest of blessing. Wonderful job and congratulatons.