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This was a well written article. You obviously have a lot of knowledge (or did a wonderful job of research) on the Jewish people.

As far as typos and grammar go, I did not see anything jump out at me.

My two critiques come from a biblical stand point. 1) It was not the Jews who gained their freedom, it was God who humbled pharaoh and prideful nation that freed his people....which that moves toward your point. 2) Yes the Jews are God's chosen people, but in Ephesians 2 you read that Christ removed the barrier separating the Jews from the Gentiles in order to restore humanity back to the way he initialed created them to be. HIS!

Great job though!
I liked the short paragraphs. They all seemed to fit together nicely.

You carried your theme throughout your piece.

Well done.
This is an interesting piece, especially given the recent news. You definitely make me think. I have no doubt that God does all the things you have mentioned and that Jews are his chosen people. I also know he sent Jesus, not just for the chosen ones, but for all who will invite him into his heart. That shows what a loving God we have. I was a tad puzzled by your question at the end. I wasn't sure who the two sides where, Jews and everyone else? I choose Jesus, with him on my side no one will be able to defeat me. I forget that far too often, and I thank you for reminding me. I thought your take on the topic was interesting and fresh. You did a nice job.
A well written descriptive piece. Good job.

God bless~
Thank you everyone! Shann, in the last question, I was referencing the war going on in Israel right now. The Palistinians are the other side, and all the media that believes them.
Congratulations on ranking 7th in level one. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.
I know a Jewish believer who would greatly appreciate this do I. I'm not qualified to critique your writing skills as I am a beginner myself. But I am qualified to critique the content. It is very good, excellent. Right on.
Thank you Ingrid! Feel free to share if you want.