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Thank you for sharing your journey and testimony with us. You expressed your story with vivid detail. Well done.

God bless~
Such an admirable thing to do. I appreciated the honesty that filters through your story. I saw a couple of sentences where it seems like the wrong words were used but it didn't distract from the meat of the story. I really enjoyed it. Nice job.
The Holy Spirit was the one who called you and you answered the call. Thank you.

Use this a a teaching tool. When God opens the door and the Holy Spirit calls, it is best for us to follow the Spirit's leading

Well written but there may be some cleaning up that can be done. I think one sentence or phrase was repeated which could be left out.

Re-read it slowly to see if each sentence has all the words you intended it to have and no extra words.

Again, good work.
Thanks for sharing your story with us. You did a good job of telling the story.

You covered the topic well and your writing is clear and easy to read.

As already mentioned I saw an extra or perhaps wrong word in a couple of sentences, but overall you did a good job.
That is a powerful testimony.

I wonder if shorter paragraphs might boost the flow? It already reads well. Could just be me.

I appreciated the message about listening to hear where God is leading.
A very informative article that was well written. I want you to know that I am in the beginner group as well.

I am not comfortable with reviewing articles at my level in that I am still very green, and do not feel that I have earned my wings yet!

One thing that was brought to my attention early on was that I needed dialog between characters throughout the article.
Other than that, the article should do well with the judges.

God Bless!

Doc B.
This is an interesting testimony. I totally understand God's calling and when he calls, he tends to be unrelenting until we obey. The rewards are not tangible, yet priceless. You have a few incomplete sentences and might benefit from having a proofreader or an editor check it out. With that said, I think your testimony would be a perfect fit for FW testimony contest. If you haven't submitted it yet, I'd really encourage you to do so.
I am so pleased you decided to share this here. No matter how well this entry does in the challenge, your content is a winner in my book. Sharing how following the Lord's leading enriches our lives is powerful. I'd like to see you include some of the rewards of walking through that door. Present rewards and eternal.

God's ways are mysterious many times, and He takes our little bit and does a lot with it. A little knowledge, a little talent, a little time...

Keep up the great work for the Lord, wherever He leads! I've worked with adult offenders and know the challenges there. I can't imagine how difficult it must be working with juveniles. Keep Writing!