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Well done, well said...and powerful message included in this well written piece.

God bless~
Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading your observations and timely spiritual advice.
This was not a smooth read for me. The last sentence of one paragraph had a word or two that seemed missing. It didn't make sense to me the first time I read it.

The thought strands seemed interconnected.

I think this could be improved on by having a clear topic that could use the theme words of the week.
I liked how you compared the world to a stock market. That was unique.

"I had to come face-to-face with my own self-righteousness and what a nasty encounter that was!" Oh, how true for so many of us, who shall remain nameless... :P SO true.
This was an interesting article on the pros and cons compared to investments and risks.

Many people do not know enough about Jesus when they are asked to believe in him and trust in him, let along to obey him in baptism. People are not usually told that the followers of Jesus will be treated the same as He was treated. People who love Jesus should love the follower of Jesus. People who hate Jesus will hate followers of Jesus.

The pros for when a person gives himself to obey Jesus, is the forgiveness of sin and hope of heaven. The cons are that a person has to consider himself a servant/slave to Jesus. But this is better than the the result if a person is a servant/slave to sin or the world. The result of being a faithful until death servant of Jesus is a home in Heaven. The result of being an unfaithful servant is eternal judgement/condemnation.

I would have like you to have pointed out the end result of those who would be faithful followers of Jesus: heaven, as compared to the opposite result of those not faithful followers of Jesus: hell.

We risk everything when we choose Jesus but the reward is heaven.
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