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Amen and Amen! God is good all the time, all the time God is good!

Loved hearing your testimony in this well written piece, which is right on topic.

God bless~
I love this testimony - Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks so much for sharing you wonderful testimony of God's grace.

Missionaries are extremely important people as far as I am concerned. Churches that do not support missions are essentially dying or as you said frozen in time.

You did a great job of writing and it is on topic.
Oh boy...what a testimony.

This really resonated with me. My dad is a pastor, and I've seen both the frozen and the forward sides that you described so eloquently.

My husband and I were involved for several years with a college ministry. The "dear saints" insisted they wanted to move forward. But when the time came... "afraid of change, they became ingrown and focused on their needs" describes it perfectly. I fear that they are frozen as they were the last time we were there.

Off my soapbox now. :P Great article. If it doesn't place high, I'll eat my hat (figuratively). ;)
It seems to me you have two separate thoughts. (It may have been needed for the article to be long enough. I don't know as I didn't count the words.)

I felt the last part about the marriage and returning to England wasn't needed. The first part was a good stand-alone article. It had some good teaching points.

Worldly wisdom isn't always the best way if the spirit is leading in a different direction. It is always best to follow the spirit no matter what.

I Liked what you said.
I love the points you made. My heart aches when I read about the two churches because the first one sounds way too much like mine. Since my son has been in Seminary, we have had many interesting talks and he has taught me so much. I enjoyed your second story too. It was spot on and shows how good God is. You may be wondering why this piece didn't rank higher. The answer is in my comments (at least in my opinion. I have no idea how the judges felt or scored it.) The give away is the words the second story. You have two separate stories here. Each one has wonderful merits, however, with an already limited word count at 750, you limited yourself more by putting two stories together. Instead, I'd urge you next time to pick one and really expand on it, use dialog to show your characters emotions and personalities. Instead of taglines, show nervousness by licking lips, cracking knuckles, or pacing.
You've come a long way with your writing and are improving at a steady pace. Don't get discouraged by the ranking go. It took me 16 months to get my first EC, then another year for the second one to appear. You're spreading God's love and that is what is the most important. I'm not sure if you've entered the testimony contest, but you must if you haven't yet. You have so much to share with the world. Hugs!