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Compelling, touching, real, and poignant. I can so identify with this story. So many things, except no one ever came to my rescue early on. Probably because God knew I would run from them at that time in my life.

You did an outstanding job with this one. I hope the judges take notice of it. This should do really well.

Blessings, Lynn
This is a powerful story. It left tears in my eyes. You did a great job of starting right off with the conflict. It propels the reader forward.

After thinking about it some, I'm not sure if the Dear God works since she is thinking as a little girl who had yet come to know Jesus.

Other than that, you did a marvelous job of handling a painful and difficult topic; you handled it with compassion and love. Your take on the topic felt out of the box, but still on topic. I think you need to enter on a regular basis because you have wonderful ideas and have messages that too many people can relate to in this crazy world. Excellent writing.
Your writing is excellent and hard to believe you're in "beginners." The story was a raw, yet powerfully expressed piece that will elicit a myriad of emotions to anyone who reads it...along with a message the will linger long after.

Truly brilliant.

Well done.

God bless~
Heartbreakingly beautiful.
Me again. This is a story that will be remembered by all who read it. That is the most important thing a writer can do.

Many great articles come and go, and many I cannot even remember what they were about, but this will be ingrained in my mind for years to come.

Great writing....
Wow - so very powerful. You gave me chills. Perfect for the topic.
This is brilliant in so many ways. It makes the point about what true love looks like in action extremely well. Thank you for sharing it x
This powerful story brings compassion for all little girls who suffer such terrible situations and wonder for the One who loves us all beyond our deserving. It also serves as reminder of His servants showing His love and grace.
Hard truth spoken can release many from the bondage of secrecy. Some might say it's a truth that is not fit for public consumption. I say,"Bring on the Light!"

Beautiful in every way.
Wow. I can but echo all the terrific comments here before me. Yes, it did bring back discomfiting moments long buried and forgiven. Your writing is vital - this is worthy of the Masters level, to which you will jump!
This piece not only gives you chills, but makes you uncomfortable. You were totally unafraid to show use the MC's life completely uncensored and it makes us cringe - as well it should.

Your MC was believable, which is not easy with this type of character. Most of the time a piece like this comes off as either preachy or patronizing...this was neither.

It was raw and visceral. I felt a know in my gut at the thought of her father and her subsequent life.

I don't know what else to say, other than this is a fantastic piece of writing and storytelling no matter what level.

Thanks for sharing.
Very beautiful work! Exceptional.
Powerful profile of a painful, shameful reality for too many vulnerable kids.
Loved the healing at the close.
Great writing
You covered an ugly blight of our sin cursed world with grace, and poignantly slipped a beautiful message of love through.

Wonderfully written. Great work!
Congrats on your win! Well deserved! The title for this piece was perfect.

God bless~
Hooray! Congrats Bea! Great piece of writing.
1st place and 2nd place EC! Congrats and congrats! I knew this was the winner!

Excellence is writing is what this is. Good gravy!
Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm so excited for you! Congratulations and Happy happy Dance!
Congratulations on your EC and 1st placing for a wonderfully crafted entry. Enjoy your brief stay at Intermediate before you continue your rise through the FW ranks.
You've told this story with great reality, dealing well with difficult issues. Your EC placing is well deserved. Congratulations!
This difficult experience has been told tenderly and captivating. So many women have experienced this pain. Congratulations on your well-deserved win.
Bea, Many congrats on your level win and Editor's Choice award. Your poignantly and masterfully crafted story exudes grace and is so perfect for the topic. I loved the hope and love given to your MC, Grace. Excellent writing!
Congrats Bea. Well deserved placement. You shouldn't be in beginners.
Dear Bea, Thanks so much for finding my "Influence" story and leaving your comment. I had to come and find you and return the favor. Oh my, this is a gripping story. Since I'm just meeting you, I haven't checked to see what writing challenge level you might have reached, but the quality of this story tells me you are certainly beyond the Beginner level. Thank you!