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Fabulous testimony! Loved the truth and the powerful close.

God bless~
Great testimony! In the sentence "... only a miracle from heaven could safe me," - should be save me...
Thanks for sharing your climactic testimony with the Challenge.
Good reminder. We must take up our cross and I think we should take it up daily.

We are not God's puppets. He lets us make the move: heaven or hell.
This is a powerful piece. It took a lot of courage to share such a difficult time in your life. I can totally relate and have been there myself, but God still has great plans for us.

I noticed some of your sentences could use some tightening and smoothing out. For example, if I were editing this, I might suggest you switch the opener to something like this: I had to choose between standing firm in my faith in Christ or bow down to my doubts and fears.
It cut out several unnecessary words and gets to the heart of the matter quicker.

Overall, you did a great job with this one. I believe it'll touch people in ways you might never imagine. You nailed the topic. I've learned that not only do I need to have faith in Jesus, but I also need to have faith in myself. Sometimes the latter seems hard, yet it speaks volumes about the former.

If you haven't already checked out Jan's Writing Basics on the message boards, I'd urge you to do so. She has great lessons for all levels of writers.
I will be disappointed if I don't see this in the Winners Circle! You hooked me at the beginning & netted me in as a catch at the climax...

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