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This is a delightful read. As a self-professed country girl, I give you two thumps up for all the wonderful details. You painted some brilliant pictures.

While you seem to be a natural writer, you need to focus on a few minor things. When using dialog, start a new paragraph each time someone different speaks, even if it's just one word. Also remember the punctuation goes inside the quotation marks. The last thing I might encourage you to do is to use body language in place of some of the taglines like she said or especially ones like she laughed or he roared (it's hard to talk while laughing or roaring). Instead try something like this: "No, it doesn't." My friend Terri doubled over, wrapping her arms around her waist. She laughed so hard, snot sprayed out of her nose and stuck to her hair.
I went a bit overboard to show you how to create a vivid picture for the reader.
After reading it through again, the first paragraph seems like it should come after the second because he'd announce they would have a break before they'd start talking about it. It's not really a big deal and I can see it happening that way, but perhaps add a transition like either have Terri pull her friend into the van, and then have the guy say something like "As you all know, now it's time..."

If it feels like I was nitpicking, I was, but only because your natural talent screams off the page. Your potential to improve at a rapid rate is quite apparent to me. I love your sense of humor. You also did a brilliant job of using the maze as a metaphor for our walk with God. We may feel bloodied, bruised, and alone, but Jesus understands exactly what that feels like and would never leave us. With some tweaking, I could see this as a great Sunday school lesson or small group study. I truly enjoyed this.
I thought this a creative and clever take on the topic. Your ability to keep the reader interested is a natural gift.

Well done! I look forward to your next entry...

God bless~
I thought this was a clever take on the topic. When I went into a corn maze, I felt claustrophobic. I liked the MC's quip at the end of the story.
I found this to be a delightful piece of work. Your natural storytelling abilities shined through. I liked your analogies of the Christian walk compared to a maze. We often get lost, bumped, and skinned up but Jesus carries us through the maze and sets us on the right course.
Congratulations on your second place win in the beginner's level.