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Very nicely written. Thank you for sharing your testimony
I love your passion for God, and how you share with your readers that He is calling them too.

All the best.
Your love is apparent for the Lord...thank you!

God bless~
Thank you for sharing your testimony with us. You truly have a heart for God.
I was not able to connect the phrase "Little did I know at the time" with the rest of the story. I did not follow the connection with it to what came later.

There were several nice independant points written about though.
This is a delightful testimony. I can hear your passion in your words and your desire to spread that news to everyone.

Some of your sentences were a bit complex and could be tightened up some. For example:
Your first line could be tightened like this: Although the 11th of March, 1995, started out like any other day, it ended up becoming the day Jesus wrote my name in the Registry of Heaven. He promised to walk with me for the rest of my life.
Although it's not perfect, I hope it shows you what I mean. Not only did it cut it almost 20 words, it also turned passive sentences to active ones and became two sentences, which changed up the pacing a bit.

I think you definitely handled the topic in a great way. I also liked that you showed the topic without using the topic word. That's not easy to do, but often those are the most powerful stories. I believe anyone who reads this will be touched and inspired by your words. Nice job.
I like how you focus on God's zeal for you. That He does indeed take great delight in His children. Thanks for sharing your testimony. It encouraged me.
Isn't awesome to know that God is for you! Sweet testimony. Thanks for writing!