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A lovely reminder that our timing is not the same as His timing. A very nice illustration of this needed reminder
A very well written story that many can use as an example for their "wants".

God's will and God's timing go hand in hand
A prayer litany that so many have prayed - be it for a baby, or another precious moment. This reminds me of Psalm 13, "How long, O Lord must I wait?"

I noticed some comma errors (we all have them) yet I encourage you to check out Jan's writing basics on the Forum. The lessons have helped me a lot.

One example: You wrote...
Mandy, Jake and Ben

Proper comma placement:
Mandy, Jake, and Ben

Keep up the writing. Nice job.
Oh, how I prayed for my one and only baby. In fact, I just entered the "Mix" contest using that topic. So, I could relate to you needing clarification. It can be a frustrating process when we lose faith or even when we keep it.
I see you had some constructive criticism on grammar so I won't repeat. This week, I wasn't able to utilize my preview so I had to submit as is. I hope my site is fixed by next week. Please utilize the preview over and over and over again. You won't have those fixable mistakes. Why detract from a wonderful story? All the best!
Congratulations on ranking 6th in your level. The highest rankings can be found on on the message boards.