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I enjoyed reading this. I felt as though I could see the scene described in the article. A good take on the topic
I am empressed that you write English so well. This piece was right on target and clearly communicated the message.
Most of our communication is non-verbal. You wrote some interesting perspectives. I can relate to the MC's issues. Been there, done that.

Keep writing.
That was a cute story. I can relate somewhat, having been a missionary in Brazi. I only have 2 languages to confuse myself and others though. I liked the dog language too. I thought you did a great job on this.
I like a part of one sentence that said, "he barks with his tail ..." I would like to hear/see this.

I think this sentence could/should be worked on so it wouldn't sound like that part sounds by itself. Possible like this: he dances in a circle and barks (while) his tail waves wildly around.

I still thought it amusing: he barks with his tail.

Very well written and amusing story.
Yay! Congratulations! Happy Dance!