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What a great reminder that Jesus is NOT limited by denomination! He is present in all those who call His Name and your story explains it very well
I enjoyed the article. I believe I have visited some of those churches. Keep it up. There were perhaps places for a comma or two but overall well done.
God is impartial. Believers are called to exhibit the nature of Christ. Denominations become immaterial when one is focussed on Christ. Good work.
Church is where God's heart is. In the book of Revelation, God praises the two churches whose hearts were focused on Him.
I enjoyed very much reading your observations of each of the different churches you visited. I felt that the beginning, where you wrote about obeying the speed limit, although amusing, didn't particularly relate to the rest of the entry. If you were to start with the church search, you could perhaps develop those a bit more.

Even in nonfiction works, readers enjoy a bit of dialogue (like that you have with the pastor of the church you eventually decided on). Shorter, snappier paragraphs will improve the flow. Include more details, not only about the churches but also about you. I know that you were from CA and that you were 63, but from what's here, I don't know if you're male or female, or if you have a family, or your occupation, or anything else about you. It will help your readers to relate to you if you work those details into your narrative.
Thank you for your submission! Your first sentence blew me away! Just coming back from San Deigo, it spoke to me till I laughed outloud! I thought your story would be on "Living in the Fast Lane" or "How Life slows you Down," when you got to the church part, I was taken back. Although, very important and interesting, ...your lead sentence should flow right into the rest of your story.

Great humor though! Keep writing!
This is great. I think you handled the topic in a fun and fresh way. I'm doing my super happy dance. Congratulations on your HC!