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Yes, we are in a pickle with all that's around. Maybe its a brew or even a stew we are in the middle of....

This is an interesting approach to reporting on a scientific study.

Nice writing.
Your words are eloquent and your point of view is clear. I have a bit of a problem seeing the connection to the topic, but you definitely showed us a clear picture of the issue at hand
The poem was thought provoking and your ideas clearly communicated. I had a difficult time determining the topic of you had titled the piece, "chill in a romance."
I like this. I think I even understood your take on the topic. It felt like I was almost watching a tongue-in-cheek slasher film that gave me chills. It felt like a bit of a satire on how desperation can actually reek and send chills down the spine of those watching. I thought it quite brilliant. I also liked the way you formatted so that long last line in the stanzas remind me almost of an icicle. I wonder how many have looked for love the wrong way, creating icicles dripping from their hearts...

With that said, I do have some petite red ink. I don't think you need the ellipses or exclamation points. Instead let your wonderful word choice do your exclaiming and pausing for you (perhaps one or two of both devices would be okay in a piece this size, but even then I don't think you need them because your natural gift shines through.)

Although I'm not a poem expert, I wondered if a tiny tweaking might help your message more. For example, if it works still, just a slight rearrangement might make a bigger umpact:

I peer through
the peephole of a popular potion palace at my provincial purchasing

I love your alliteration, and I changed a couple words to emphasize that p sound even more and to make it flow off the tongue easier. I wasn't sure if petrifiedly worked, but by moving it to the first word, it seems to set the tone for this amazing piece.

I know my suggestions may not fit poem wise, but thought I'd try to show you what I mean. I think you did a nice job of thinking outside of the box and I look forward to reading more of your work.

Very creative take on the topic. I agree with Shan, I tripped over petrifiedly...I get that this reality is chilling. Great job.