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Yes, we don't know what countries might be in for. The Old Testament is for our learning.

Well written a "may be happening soon" story.
The opening was gripping. I am reminded every day how our nation is turning their backs on God. I am praying that our new elected leader will be a man who seeks God's direction. A leader can accomplish nothing without the support of his people. This story clearly shows how dire the consequences may be if we don't turn away from our wicked ways.

Well written piece.
Gripping story. Ted Kopel just wrote a book about similar problems if the United States power grid goes down.

I think the first sentence needed the word winds in it.

I see a lot of promise in your writing and hope you keep writing.
Very powerful reminder of what our country might face. I was interested throughout. Just a few:

This whole paragraph...
I gave a sigh of relief. Even though we didnít face the problems of those in the city with riots and food wars everywhere, there were plenty of gangs around. If they got wind of the fact you had any food or water, they didnít think twice about killing you. Guns and ammo were hard to find anymore, but knives would do the job just as well. well written but "tells" us. It is unnecessary because the next sentence....

Since we still had some supplies, fear gripped my heart. I jumped every time I heard a noise. Neither of us slept very well.

....says it all and "shows" us in a stronger way.

Well done!
This is a lovely picture and a believable story. You conveyed the emotions very well.
This is so good. Fiction is your niche! You did a great job of building suspense and I love your original take on the topic. Congratulations my friend and Happy Happy Dance!
Trudy, Congratulations on your 1st place win in the beginner category. This was a well-written story. Compelling story from beginning to end. I so happy you advanced,to the intermediate level.
Aaaaaahhhhhh! Congratulations for placing 11th overall!!! That is amazing and I'm so proud and happy for you. Happy Dance!