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Well done!

God bless~
Amen! I'm a Fanny fan.
Very well expressed.
Your title summed up your piece well. You made several good points.

The word saxophone didn't need to be capitalized.
I enjoyed this thought-provoking essay. You make some great points. It isn't about entertaining us, but worshipping God.
This was an interesting take on the topic word; while it was certainly on topic, perhaps another visit of the concept of "grate" would establish it more firmly for that category.

I was surprised to read this, as I thought the issue of church music had resolved some time ago. Nevertheless, you were able to bring a fresh approach to it. I'd have liked even more of a personal approach, perhaps through more of your own story as it relates to church music, or through the stories of actual people you've known who have had strong opinions one way or another. You hinted at that in your paragraph where you mentioned earplugs--that sort of personal touch was well done, and more of that will make your writing more compelling.

In #5 on your list, you use the word its' twice. That's not a word; you wanted the possessive its which uses no apostrophe at all (think of it like his or hers). It's with an apostrophe between the t and the s is a contraction for 'it is' or 'it has.'

Thanks for this thought-provoking article, and for your obvious desire for unity in the Body of Christ.
Congratulations! Happy Dance!
I'm so proud of you for your consistent placing. Well done! Your writing is great - and does't grate. You are a much better communicator than I am.
The title grabbed me. I also liked your point about the common denominator being our focus on Jesus Himself. The fact that music reflects the theology of its creators/participants is also key. Music also teaches. Great piece. Thank you. Congrats!